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The Cape of Needles

Cape Agulhas is considered as one of the great Capes, is situated at the southernmost tip of Africa. The town was christened by the Portuguese navigators of the 1500’s, literally meaning the Cape of Needles; this is as a result of their compass needles’, magnetic North almost coinciding with true North.  The L’ Agulhas region is also geographically renowned as it is the point where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet,. This town also has cultural and historical significance as the KhoiKhoi inhabited this area for centuries; still visible are the tidal traps that the Khoi had used to fish. Here you will also find one of SA’s oldest working lighthouse built in 1848, now equipped with museum and curio shop.  Whale watchers will find the best time to visit L’ Agulhas from September to about February



The Suiderstrand

Not too far from L’ Agulhas; is Suiderstrand, surrounded by the Agulhas National Park, is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. With hiking trails and coastal walks through the National Park rendering visitors with breathtaking views, pristine beaches and a marine lagoon.

Source: Henk Aartsma,

Source: Henk Aartsma,

The longest stretch of beach in the Southern hemisphere

A further 10 min L’ Agulhas is the coastal resort: Struisbaai, with the longest stretch of pristine beach (13 km) this side of the equator. Visitors flock to this huge beach mostly for water sports. Another must see attraction is the Struisbaai harbour. Home to a local fishing community, it appeals to visitors from local and abroad.

The Whale Haven and Wagon House

Another beautiful seaside town in the Overberg is Arniston. Named after a tragic shipwreck of the early 1800’s, Arniston is home to a vibrant fishing community and is one of the most picturesque places on the southern coastline, perfect for whale watching. Arniston is also referred to as ”Waenhuiskrans”, named after the massive cave, close by that can actually house a herd of cattle and an ox wagon.

Feuding in the name of the Lord

Do not forget to visit the sleepy towns of Bredasdorp and Napier, these farming communities originated in the 1800’s as result of a feud between two neighbours, Michiel van Breda and Pieter Voltelyn van der Byl, about where the church should be built. Unable to resolve the dispute the town, the church and its community was split.

An Ode to Slavery’s ELIMination.

In the heart of the Agulhas plain you will find a quaint little village comprising of a thatch roof church, white washed houses and fruit trees, Elim. Elim is home to a Moravian missionary station established in 1824, and in Elim all roads lead to church, literally. This little missionary town also boasts SA’s only monument commemorating Emancipation. First erected in the summer of 1834, then re- erected in 1938, and finally refurbished in 2004. This monument not only pays homage to the freedom of slaves and the abolishment of slavery, but also signifies the integration of a community.

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Source:http ://

Enjoy a destination with a difference, Cape Agulhas, the ideal getaway


Paternoster: A walk on the wild side

On the West Coast you will find a sleepy fisherman’s village called Paternoster. Can you visualise the presence of mermaids soaking up the sun on the jagged rocks that lay scattered along the ocean? Gaze upon white washed fisherman’s cottages that lay scattered in the gem found between Saldanha and St Helena Bay, as your feet leave behind footprints on the soft white sand that graces the seashore. Allow yourself to be swept away by the scenic landscape as take a walk along an idyllic coast. It is the ideal place to simply let your hair down and relax.



The seaside destination is endearingly referred to as Paternoster which means “Our father” in Latin, in memory of the prayers said by shipwrecked Catholic Portuguese seamen. It is a village reminiscent of yesteryear and steeped in history..

West Coast Cuisine

This little seaside town on the West Coast sports a number of top-notch restaurants, ranging from the outrageous setups like the Noisy Oyster; where the menu changes every day, Oysters are served with a presentation so tantalizing , you barely miss the pearl.

To the more elegant, couple owned, SkatKis (Treasure Chest), at the Paternoster lodge, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Here you will find a menu consisting mostly of seafood dishes and West Coast traditional dishes and a very unique milk dessert. Be sure to add the milk dessert to your list of must-haves.

There is also the rather quaint Voorstrandt restaurant, an old fisherman’s house with terrace built from wood and corrugated roofing, right on the edge of the beach makes it ideal for those summertime al fresco lunches.

Marked as a West Coast’s gem; the Gaatjie Saltwater Restaurant, is a one of a kind fine dining experience. Hidden between the rocks the simple fisherman’s cottage stands out like a boulder to the eye of any culinary aficionado.



These are but a few of the many attractions in and around this picturesque coastal town.

Wonderfully Wild

Explore the unspoiled wilderness of Tieties Bay, found within the Columbine Nature Reserve. Tieties has its own picnic area and barbecue spots for the hungry traveller to sit and enjoy their lunch while drawing in the elements of nature. The Nature Reserve is located over the rocky coast. If you crave a scenic experience of the wild outdoors opt for something less conventional than commuting, Paternoster is a great place to ride a horse. The area is a perfect combination of sea and land activities Experience whale watching, observe dolphins and engage with penguins and seals as you enjoy a fresh take on flora and fauna. The area is also home to 225 bird species.



It’s the perfect place to view animals that existed well before our time. This tourist destination has its own fossil park with an array of fossils from various prehistoric animals. View fossils of mega tooth sharks, sabre tooth tigers, giant ostriches and woolly mammoths.

In spring the land is a floral paradise draped by a Namaqualand carpet of brightly coloured flowers. Visit between July and October, flower season sees the landscape transformed into a colourful canvas.

Action-packed adventure

Get out your GoPro and gear up for the action adventure of a lifetime. Take to the skies or sink to the depths of the ocean…Have a taste of the sea; undertake a magical deep sea adventure by snorkeling or scuba diving to uncover the mysteries of the deep blue. Paternoster has a range of watersports that you can chose from such as kayaking and deep sea diving. Brace yourself for a swim in the ice cold waters if you dare.



Try your hand at kitesurfing or fly a kite. The scenic outdoors and dramatic landscape has numerous biking trails and rock formations. While partaking in a treacherous hike, go back in time and engage with the history of the Khoi and the San by viewing caves and art work.

This area aims to give you the adrenalin rush you’ve been looking for.

Something Fishy

Paternoster epitomizes the SA commercial fishing industry. Commercial activities include oyster farming,. Get fresh herrings from local traders, or indulge in mussels drawn from Paternoster’s craggy rocks. The fishing village is home to the largest oyster farm in South Africa.



This trip to the West Coast is a wild ride that takes you to the sea and engages with wilderness in an adventure that traverses sea and land. Don’t spoil your holiday fun by stressing about accommodation and travel. Just formulate a schedule of things to do. Take2Tours takes care of all the little things so that you can have a holiday to remember. Drop us a line and tell us all about your experience.


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Making the most of Montagu

Take Route 62 , the scenic alternative to the N2 highway leading you to Montagu, the gateway to the Little Karoo. Expect a journey filled with twists and turns, as you pass through a mountainous region fringed with wild flowers and magnificent landscapes that implore you to take out your camera and indulge in the natural the beauty of the Western Cape.

The little town of Montagu is found at the other end of mountain passes between Cape Town and Oudtshoorn, the Garden Route and Eastern Cape. Explore a beautiful region that invites summer all year long.

Health and Wellness

Montagu is known for its natural hot springs. You need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Indulge in Montagu’s hot springs for a therapeutic experience that aims to revitalise.  Montagu has great resorts and spas such as Avalon Springs and Montagu Springs.

Wonderful Wines

Montagu is muscadel country, producing an array of sustainable wine products ranging from dry white wine and matures reds to rich and fruity muscadels and grape juice. Enjoy a great selection from Montagu Wines and Spirits Company and Montagu Cellar; both wineries are in partnership with the biodiversity and wine initiative (BWI). The BWI seeks to converse natural habitats and encourage sustainable farming practices.

Natural Selection

Montagu Mountain Reserve – Take a walk along the trails that lead to a beautiful mountain range and popular spots such as Joubert Park, Kanonkop, Cogman’s Kloof and Lovers Walk. Montagu is revered for its great rock climbing facilities. Explore more than 200 bolted routes. If a long walk is what you need take a hike through an area rich in biodiversity. The nature reserve is home to tortoises, dassies and other forms of wildlife.

Montagu Nature Garden – The wild flower reserve offers a great panoramic view of Montagu. It is the perfect place to view the Cape Folded Mountains. It is home to numerous succulents, fynbos, geophytes, shrubs, trees and “vygies”; teeming with wildlife.

Montagu Guano Cave –  The guest farm offers a tractor trip into the mountain for cave experience like no other. Stories of Khoi and San ancestors line the cave, home of thousands of bats. The Guano Cave offers day and night facilities that range from horse riding, swimming and swimming in heated pools to a petting farm. Rabbit World is home to Chinchillas, Gerbils, Snakes, guinea pigs and rabbits. If you left your camping gear a home, sleep over at Stone Cottage.

Montagu Dried Fruit Route – Take a tractor trip through a rich countryside that gives rise to orchards and drying fruit fields. It is the ultimate tour for the best dried fruits, nuts and wines.

Montagu Museum

The town of Montagu has a rich history. Take some time off to visit its museums and artistic hot spots. Take a trip down memory lane by visiting architectural masterpieces that withstood the test of time.

The Old Mission Church – This relic houses a collection of bibles, church artefacts and wedding dresses from back in the day. The Old Mission church contains a wing dedicated to Indigenous Medical Plant research.

Joubert House Museum – This museum is dedicated to the child at heart. It contains a variety of toys and porcelain dolls from the 80s.

KWV buildings – It is the place to view the town’s industrial architectural history. Go back in time with the museum collection of agricultural vehicles and antiquities.

Feel free to comment and tell us all about your previous trip to muscadel country.  Your next trip will be hassle free, relax and let the scenary sink in as you take a leisurely drive to Montagu. Leave all the hard parts up to us, from great accommodation, to guided tours and travel; Take2Tours has it covered.


Revisiting the long walk to freedom

On the 5 December 2013 the world said goodbye to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the leader who freed a nation through sacrifice.  At the age of 95 years, the icon embraced years of turmoil in a South African prison to secure political freedom and equality for all South Africans. Take the long walk to freedom in honour of the legend that made it possible. You may have missed the opportunity to join dignitaries such as Kofi Annan, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Ban Ki-moon at the memorial service that had the world in mourning; today we urge you on to take the plunge and head to the places where it all started, one location at a time. Get out your Madiba shirt – this trip is a special occasion. Whether you have had the opportunity to revisit Madiba’s legacy by watching Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom or you have read his autobiography; it is about time you take the steps to visit the locations the history pages will never forget and some of the places that embraced his name.

From the country to the city

Tata, as we affectionately know him, grew up in the rural village of Qunu in the Eastern Cape. His place of birth, Mvezo in Mthatha, Transkei is a beautiful valley marked by rondavels and lush green hillsides. It is a place steeped in tradition. Our starting point on the Madiba route takes the beaten track and invites you to the country side for a taste of history that the city fails to provide.

 Places you should visit to engage in the memory

  1. Mandela House – Vilakazi Street in Orlando West, Soweto honours the memory of a great man in four walls. The Mandela House, established in 1992 is a national museum; it was the home of Madiba between 1946 and 1962. The home still contains original furnishings and memorabilia and photographs. In Tata’s words, “For me no. 8115 was the centre point of my world, the place marked an X in my mental geography”. Allow it to draw you into the world of the father of a nation.
  2. Robben Island Museum – In 1962 the Rivonia trial imprisoned a man for what would later become an eternity of sacrifice. The prison has been altered into a museum that most directly relate to the struggle for freedom. This South African monument and the site itself serves as an enduring part of South African history.
  3. Tuynhys, Company Gardens – Tuynhys was the Cape Town presidential office Madiba during his reign as president. During this period he resided in Westbrook, Newlands, situated next to Groote Schuur (Rhodes House).
  4. Union BuildingsMadiba was inaugurated at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa in 1994. A statue that shows Madiba with arms wide open is a tangible indicator of his ability to embrace all.
  5. Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory The Nelson Mandela Centre for Memory was established as part of the Nelson Mandela Foundation contribution to society. It is open to the public by appointment only. The centre aims to create dialogues regarding critical social issues and has annual lectures in which debates are driven by prominent people.
  6. The Nelson Mandela MuseumThis natural heritage site was established on the 10th anniversary of Mandela’s release. The time capsule celebrates the life of the icon; it houses exhibitions that showcase gifts Madiba received throughout his life, as well as a collection of artefacts, illustrations and images from people, governments and institutions worldwide. It is located in the Bunga building in Mthatha, along the N2 highway – the gateway to the Wildcoast. A satellite museum campus exists in Qunu, called the Nelson Mandela Youth Heritage Centre.
  7. “Release” Nelson Mandela Monument – South African artist Marco Ciafenelli erected a monument at the location where Mandela was captured in 1962. The art piece consists of 50 columns that represent 27 years of imprisonment. It is erected in Howick in the Natal Midlands.

Take2Tours offers you the opportunity to visit these historic sites and cultural places without the stress usually related to travel. From finding the best accommodation to sticking to your itinerary and getting to each and every must see location; we have it covered.

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